Friday, June 19, 2020

Reasons of Failure of IT Projects

IT Projects are considered harder to complete, most of the IT Project got failed due to certain reasons. Here we will discuss most common reasons of failure and try to find out the corrective actions.

Weak Project Plan

Most common reason of failure is weak project plan. Project plan must be complete enough to cover all the aspects. It is more important to plan wisely if the projected time of the project is exceeding one calendar year. Generally ignore factors in project plan are:

  •    Bad Estimation of time
  •    Timely Allocation of Resources
  •    Capability of the performers
  •    Lack of Detailed Documentation
  •    Ignoring Risk Factor
  •    Improperly define the Scope of Work

Poor Analysis of Requirements

Detailed and extensive requirements analysis are the base of highly efficient IT system. If the business analyst / Requirement Analyst fails to get the detailed requirements of the user, due to his incapability fails to provide the complete requirement, that project always gone towards failure. Thorough analysis are mandatory for the successful completion of the project.

Incapable Team of Developers

Team of developers, should always, well trained and skillful. 50% of the failures occurred to inefficient staff, who failed to transform the requirements in to the solution. There are many type of incapacity of the teams:

   Lacking in technological Updates
   Lacking in design of the solution
   Lack of coordination among team members

Top Management Interest

Commitment of Top management is mandatory for every successful Project. Regular follow up and weekly / monthly Project follow up meetings should be attended by the Top Management / Stake holders.

Too much Customization

There should be some limit of customization, which must be clearly discussed in the Requirement Analysis document. Once the development has started and after that, if there arises further customization / requirements by the user, it will lead to delayed in the project completion time. 

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